BACA Art Centre | Nook Gallery

BACA 艺术中心|旮旯空间
BACA艺术中心 旮旯艺术馆
BACA 艺术中心|旮旯空间是北京艺术界一位令人充满期待的新成员,坐落于京城二环以里,毗邻雍和宫。作为一个独特地推广国际新锐艺术家的平台,BACA 艺术中心|旮旯空间是集艺术展览、现场表演和电影放映为一体的实验性场域。与此同时,BACA 艺术中心|旮旯空间在全英文教学环境下,开设了与艺术设计产业相关适合各年龄段的艺术工作坊和短期课程。 

BACA Art Centre | Nook Gallery is a new addition to the Beijing art scene, and is located within the second ring road of Beijing, near Yonghe Temple. The Centre is a unique platform to promote emerging contemporary artists, as well as being an experimental space for exhibition, performance and film. BACA Art Centre | Nook Gallery also holds art workshops and short courses, taught in English by Art and Design professionals and suitable for all ages.






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